Tuesday, February 24

The Uns

Weekend has been uneventful, save perhaps for Gabby, for whom a simple stroll at the malls is as exciting as his first bite of solid, he just couldn't wait to slake his curiosity into the enormous place full of magical lights and big people, and little people like himself. I am happy to note that he's eager to bask in his surroundings with the inquisitiveness of a scientist and the acquiescence of a wise man....he's just a baby, goodness me!

We strolled along the Palm Court of ATC last Sunday. I walked in at the Powerbooks, Gab in tow, and when he saw the kids comfortably lying around reading books, he crawled his way to the early learning books, found a familiar one like that he has at home, flipped through the pages, and that adorable little hand reached it out to me as if saying Mommy, please read this one to me! Of course, I'm more than happy to oblige. If I had all the money in the world to buy him those wonderful books!!!

Back when I was in college, I had met people or a group of people with whom I didn't seem to blend in well, in spite of our collective interests in the same subject matters and courses. There's something about them that didn't sit well with me, I can't exactly point out what it is. I called them the Uns.

They become my reason for un-thinking things that I thought were accepted wisdom, for un-feeling what I felt was a noble outlook. Poetry, for instance. They, the Uns, are bigoted freeloaders who do not think twice about discounting the burden that one feels in trying to express the almost inexpressible beauty of an afternoon rain, or strewn leaves.

For them rain is just one big useless drain of water from an inconsiderate god trying to ruin their day plans indiscriminately, and leaves are dirt on the road, my notions are simply out of whack and maybe i'm just emotionally misaligned. The Uns made me terribly sad.

Well I forgave them. I have almost forgotten about them. Up until the day that I tried my hand in web log. I'm surprised to find out they are still alive. Or at least now I know they are not only from my college, but from real life as well. There are in reality millions of Uns that I unknowingly rub elbows with everyday, and they almost resent the fact that I have begun to recognize them from one conversation, or from one glance. I don't know however if the saying It takes Un to know Un--ringstrue for them...I just know that they are a negative, moribund force thriving only on their brazen point of view and lack of true character. And they are about to take their last pair of legs out of the door...

So much about the poor, poor Uns. I'd rather have the suicides talk to me in my sleep.

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