Tuesday, March 22


I honestly have no idea what to write today, given that many unfortunate events have taken place in the recent weeks, reminding us so palpably of our fragility in the face of nature and man's wrath. It is no consolation either that my country sits above the earthquake belt, and there seems to be no safety net at all for the possibilities of some such disasters. There is a certain amount of trepidation that I feel, pretty much like having a hangman's noose around my neck, that at any infinitesimal moment I can be swept from under and that noose will most certainly tighten and strangle me to death. But I have to be sensible, don't I? 

Last week had been crazy around the household, as our help has gone away for good, and I am left with the power to save my little domestic world from pandemonium. I kind of exaggerate, but as they say, with power comes responsibility, and I cannot even begin to describe what kind of responsibility has suddenly fallen on my lap and has presented itself in quite a self-aggrandizing fashion. I have to be a cleaner, laundrywoman, nurse (Sophia got bitten by a stray cat), tutor, iron woman if you may, and above all, peace keeper. All that on top of my being an office woman. I should cut my husband some slack as well, he's been doing more than his fair share of cooking and soldiering in the home front. So, I think I may have just to stay on tangent and do my job as quietly and as efficiently as possible. I cannot wait for April to get here and have someone help us out in this mayhem.

But although I may sound like I have been ravaged by my domestic woes, I surprisingly found time to take some photos of Sophia outside the yard this weekend. And here, I have managed to do some PS tricks to put some angel wings on her. It makes her giddy with excitement at the sight of her sporting some nifty fairytale stuff , and you bet it makes for an opportunity to photograph her again without fuss. Let's just say, I am getting a bit more enterprising at this. So yeah, this is unintelligible mumbling at its best, but I'm glad to talk.


flowers and prayers for the displaced. and the disenfranchised.

pirouette.she dreams of doing a perfect arabesque someday...

Incidentally, I am uploading a few photos of my brother Nikkos, taken by his friend, from his trip to Melbourne a few weeks ago. I've never been to Oz, but I have heard much of its strange beauty from erstwhile Aussie friends. Needless to say, I believe.

downtown Melbourne

Brighton Beach

Philip Island 

feeding the joeys

St. Patrick Church

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