Friday, February 13


Another workweek has passed, my blogging experience has become to me now like an immersion to an unknown world. In a nutshell, I had expected only a medium where I could unload my thoughts and observations on things that happen to me on a daily basis, but i have seen many online journals that speak of a vast array of emotions and experiences--a hodgepodge of what is truly human...sometimes funny, sometimes sad, at times gothic, or full of ennui and wariness....but often beautiful....i am perpetually in awe.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, most of my workmates had gone somewhere in a frenzy to make last minute arrangements for a date, or reserve flowers. I suppose my husband has thought of a small surprise for me as well, but he kept chiding me to forego the whole thing....for practical purposes, as usual. I don't make a big deal out of it honestly, just thinking about Gabby and to bring him somewhere special on the weekend is enough. I'm sure he's earnestly waiting for the chance to try out his newfound skill--walking. He seem to increasingly feel claustrophic in our little space everyday, and wants to explore more.

Oliver is not a the kind who is effusive in his display of love or caring. In spite of his rather fussy and talkative front, he can be reticent when it comes expressing what he feels---especially towards me. Sometimes it is hurtful and disheartening, but he makes up for his shortsightedness in small, and yes---practical---ways.

Hmmm....Valentines has become indeed, just one of "those days".
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