Friday, March 5


It's been many days since my last entry. I have no excuse for not writing except that I had been preoccupied with small things here and there. Gabby has been temperamental these days, maybe that's owing to his inflamed tonsils and heat rash and teething pains, yes many things that a child his size can barely comprehend....but lately he's an absolute force to reckon with. His moods are extreme, one moment he's an exuberant kid, the next minute he won't let you get around him and gives you the dagger looks. Maybe on his way to being totally independent, it is typical of kids his age to still look back and cling a little to what is familiar, I can only keep guessing.

I have been reading children's books in the past weeks, and those that have caught my fancy are A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett and The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duck and The The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, both by Beatrix Potter. Honestly, I bought these books with the hope that someday Gabby will learn to appreciate them himself, and will eventually develop a keen mind and an open heart to reading.

I absolutely love reading. It's fun to go back to the times when as a child I read of stories that seemed so real, my unsophisticated mind lay in a standstill on the thin line between fact and fiction, trying to absorb the tangled web of delightful characters who have powers and abilities far beyond my imagination. Damn, I believed in all of them, notwithstanding my ocassional transgressions with wakasan comics!

Now as an adult, I feel I have so much clout over what I read, be it imaginary fact, or factual fact. And I am not exactly happy nor proud of it.

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