Monday, February 16

Post V-Day Thoughts

Back to the daily grind today. Last Saturday, we headed to the malls to do the weekend grocery shopping. I had coaxed Oliver into bringing Gabby and his yaya with us, since it's Valentine's Day. He hasn't planned anything special for us for that day, so I thought this must be a good family day for us. The night before, Oliver went home with his advanced V-day present for me. No roses or chocolates as I have emphatically reminded him. We had unofficially agreed that if we both have to give each other presents for this occasion, it must be something useful and, you guessed it, practical. So when he got home, I was kept in anticipation until he handed me his (unwrapped) gift. A Weighing Scale!!! At first I felt, how blunt of him to give me something so demeaning. Am I THAT FAT already? But on second thought, I appreciated his concern over my health, even if it dampened my romantic mood a little. I gave him a pair of golf socks that he liked, and a card whose message seemed to strike home a good deal, I made tiny drawings of myself and Gabby. I'm glad that he liked it.

Anyway, at the malls, Gabby had a swell time. He was immensely enjoying the world outside his home, reveling at the idea that there are so many people, especially little children, just like him. We brought them to Pixie Forest where even Neng had a great time with the games. Gabby's face was one of delight and awe. When he was six months old, we used to tour him at the arcade, but he only seemed annoyed with all the commotion, he didn't quite understand what was going on. Later on that day, we passed by the toy stores and I had asked Oliver to buy Gabby a rubber ball---he is truly fascinated by the bouncing thing. But Oliver said to wait til payday. Dang, what a damper that is to all of us.

On the Sunday afternoon, we heard mass. Oliver wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, so I brought Gabby and Neng. Again, Gabby's enthusiasm to explore around didn't seem to abate. He wanted to walk around the pews and benches, but the mass was already starting and I couldn't keep him down. So Neng brought him out of the church to watch the other children. In the middle of the mass, I was worried because I couldn't sneak and see if they were okay, so I got up and found them near the entrance door. I took turn in watching over Gabby so Neng could catch a bit of the mass. While outside, Gabby saw these older kids playing basketball and he eagerly ran to them. The sight of a basket ball is marvelous to him, and when the kids let him play with the ball, he was just a spectacle! A one year old kid trying to raise up a big ball and shooting it in mid-air! He must be a basketball star someday!!!

I thank God for everyday that I see Gabby grow into a healthy smart and loving kid.

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