Wednesday, February 11


Today, I tried to gather all my writings, and sketches...I've never in the past tried to organize them, they were just strewn about in spite of our many house moves, or the comings and goings of different people, the husband, the baby...I ought to give more attention to them, now that my life seems to have settled back into the normal swing. Bringing out Gabby into the world created a lot of chaos, if not havoc, into my personal routines---nights staying awake to tend to all his little needs, pacifying him and the equally crabby husband, mornings scrambling out of bed to get to work, weekends spent at the grocery store and the pediatrician,there was barely enough time for Myself.

Gabby is now 14 months, and he asserts his independence in almost everything, to my relief and chagrin. These past three weeks, I had managed to read four books with very little interruption from the small guy, he having unburdened most of his energy to the young Ate. That is not say though that I have completely ignored, I dote on him every minute that his adorable face comes in two feet proximity of me. I would pop a bubble no matter how kindly, any day, for him alone.

Anyhow, my musings are always somehow flighty. I guess I would be in a stage where I'm un-doing the mundane things of the last hmmm....20 months, being a wife, mother, worker.

Here, in this space, my turf, where I alone am the queen of my inanities---I am finally back to my old self.
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