Monday, January 31


Had an impromptu mini-session with Sophia as a trade-off  to her new hula hoop. She is quite the negotiant, my daughter. The sun was almost gone when I started shooting, so I had to hurry while she was goofing around and was in the mood to sit for me. As usual the hospital rough parking and work-shed provided the backdrop for us, as if we have another choice. The last photo was of me taken by her. Not bad at all.... I am thinking about getting a cheap lomo camera, but I wonder whether they only come in films, or is there a digital version...



Friday, January 28

Grateful Project No. 2

I admire and envy skilled people. I have always secretly dreamed, among others things, to be a good cook, a pattern maker, an illustrator, a modiste, a web designer, a milliner, and heaven forbid, even a locksmith. In my maternal side of the family, my aunts have provided us a good training ground for creating things when we were much younger--sewing, knitting, cross stitch, crochet, fabric art and other crafts. But the one skill that stuck with me was hand sewing. I can pretty much darn anything, baste anything, hem anything. And although I don't have the same deft fingers nor the sharpest eyes like I used to, sewing has unquestionably grown on me. Many Christmases ago, I bought this tiny thing out of my gift card---and I never once regretted it. I have sewn many things with it, and nothing comes more handy than when I suddenly find myself unable to mend something by hand. Sewing is one my great joys, and I am simply grateful for this.

Wednesday, January 26

Grateful Project No. 1

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts 
are conscious of our treasures.  
::Thornton Wilder::  

Instead of coming up with my own version of  a bucket list, this year I would like to start a gratitude project--a photo each time--of simple, even rather obvious things--that I own, that I have been given, that have been lying around in the house, and the the intangible ones that have touched me, made me marvel, appreciate, and explore life, in and outside of my familiar bubble. By the end of this year, I hope that I would have said and meant the words "thank you" more than enough. Today, I am thankful for my camera, the story of which is written here...

Tuesday, January 25

Will Smile for Phone : )

At the risk of sounding a bit desperate, I have joined a contest here where the blog owner Jayvee is giving away a shiny new Blackberry Curve 9300 3G. The only requirement is to share a photo with your smiling face to convince him that you rightfully deserve that phone. And seeing that I am not the kind who possess an easy smile, this can be something that will probably get me working. A free phone is a free phone after all. And dang, it's a BB! Well, here's hoping...... 

Monday, January 24

For Ate Ben

I would like to take a moment today, to think about a dear friend who passed on last Christmas....

Ate Benny, 
you will be always be fondly remembered
and deeply thanked
for your unpretending friendship
for the generosity of your soul
for the solicitous,warm hugs
the unbridled laughter
the unspoken sisterly love
that we have regrettably been unable to give back
these past few years
because of the ironies of our being human
and having to carry on
seemingly parallel lives.
Maybe we need not say 
how much we love you 
and miss you
because in our hearts we know
that you 
know so.

Bel . Whinnie . Shane

Sunday, January 23

Family Bonding

Paid my brother Nikkos a visit on his birthday last Saturday. The kids, as usual, had a blast. I am glad for the opportunity to photograph loved ones other than my children. It's an arduous training, the fact that people become instinctively shy in front of the camera, and  you are left with the intimidating task to make them comfortable. Someday, I'd like to progress to photographing strangers or acquaintances and have the confidence to capture them at their best.

me with my nephew Miguel. taken by my brother.

miggy, taken by kaz. processed by moi.

miggy and mika with dad.

Saturday, January 22

The Way We Are

A slice of our weekend lives....we are simple folks with simple pleasures....

my own little kasparov (cough!), he's learning the ropes.....

Chess can be a very intimidating game, so for now I'd stick to my chick lit....

  ...and my piece of heaven by the door.

Spring Cleaning

Trying to figure out how to round the edges of my photos. These were taken a month ago when Sophia got a new box of crayons and was keen on coloring her workbook, while the cat dozed off cozily beside her. The afternoon light, by the way, was rather gorgeous...

I have begun de-cluttering my closet at the onset of the new year, and was horrified to learn how much stuff  I  have amassed these past few years. My son always reminds me that I might be close to becoming a hoarder, something he has seen on tv again, so that in my embarrassment, I have resolved right away to get rid of my excesses and start on a new slate. There is absolutely an exulting sense of freedom in letting go....

Wednesday, January 19

Sophia and the Teddies

Yesterday, I took out my camera to give it some good cleaning, and Sam was sitting next to me by the window. There was a tinge of gold on her hair, an effect of the midday sun streaming from behind, and I thought it was just a glorious sight. I cajoled her into "picture picture" and she obliged. This was one of my lucky days.... 


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