Thursday, July 14

Grateful Project No. 9

So here I go, finding myself in a state of gridlock again, perpetually doing things that keep my hands busy and my brain half done-in, while poor Wanderlust has to endure this tiny bit of misfortune as a consequence, begging to know whether her existence is a bane to her owner after all, and that she’s been nothing but dead weight these past seven years.  But owner reassures her---No, it’s not you. It’s me. I created you, therefore it is only right that I nurture you and let you grow.  But well you see at some point, I feel that you have got to be on your own. You know, go out to the world and find whether you’ll carry on just as you are, without me.  Just then, owner  is left feeling flustered at her cruel thoughts, and in a counterbalance, gets into a panic and feverishly thinks of ways to make up for the damage. She combs her hard drive for photographs that might be natty enough to please Wanderlust and recoup her losses, photos which of course she would need to have something to say about. Mind, the words have to be as clever as she can manage them to be or else she’d be tormented no end with such inadequacies. Only then will she be able to sit back and breathe deeply, pleased with herself and her exploit, and reassured that she had the month of July 2011 covered. And that, People, is how agonizing one single pointless blog entry can be. Drives you stark raving mad.

Today, blog owner is thankful for colors. She feels that when she is not being some kind of an imp marauding as a mother and a law-abiding citizen with a day job—she is a child who revels in cheap thrills. Like crayons.And fairy tale books. And whimsical characters. And frog princes. And tiny cars. And all things awash in the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

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