Tuesday, May 10

Grateful Project No. 8

Sometimes luck has a way of falling on your lap without warning, just like that. The knee jerk reaction would be to involuntarily jerk a knee of course, open your mouth in disbelief, and then slowly curl it up into a smile, a really big smile. A few days ago, I did just that. I had recently expressed my thoughts on starting to run, for the sake of my health.  I am not a sporty person, and had never once taken an interest in signing up for any gym or exercise club. But after my close brush with the grim reaper late last year, I've decided to take control of my life and turn it around to something more physically beneficial. 

Then there is the slight angle of vanity, which any self-respecting woman would probably understand, especially if nothing she owns seems to look or feel right on her anymore. She either must surrender to the higher powers of obesity and resign to wearing baggy clothes, or just darn do something about it.   

So, like manna from heaven, my husband gifted me with these beautiful running shoes on Mother's Day. I know that Oliver has got the proverbial good provider quality down pat. Yet  I've got to acknowledge the fact that we are not the kind to splurge on things that seem to be beyond our means. Simply put, we are misers. That's because we believe that a stuffed cupboard is better than empty stomachs in expensive garbs. Or something like that--I know how shite my metaphors can get. But that's my idea of a good provider anyway. So imagine my surprise when I got these. If I hadn't had blisters on my feet, I would have broken in on them at once and made a mad dash to the door and sprinted my way to a trail nearby. And then the rain decided to be a drama queen, too. So I had to wait for a few more days. 

I would like to shout out  a  big thank you to my husband who believes in my capabilities as a woman, who goes the extra mile, who opens up avenues for me, in big or small ways, so that I can enjoy the many aspects of my life---as a mother, blogger, photography enthusiast, and now a social runner--or better put, a health advocate.

Today, I am starting a new chapter in life. I am getting outside!
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