Tuesday, March 9

PInoy Blogging

I guess boredom antes up the ones who welcome it with open arms. And for a jaded, old slacker like me who spends a lot of time googling everything from aswang to zeitgeist, I have my found my home in the words Pinoy Blog. It was out of curiosity and indefatigable thirst for something kindred that I began clicking away the spots supposedly occupied by filipino diarists, and what they have to say and how they say what they have to say.

Not that I'm settling a score with who writes better, and who has a more interesting story to tell. It is simply intriguing to read of thoughts and vague innuendoes of real-life drama in the local stage. I wish I have half the wit to think and write as they do.

These pinoy bloggers I've come across with have a way with words. They refresh me as only a sultry afternoon zephyr from Lake Sebu can. I have become weary of bloggers whose lives and experiences are seemingly confined in picket fences and boring platitudes, talking only about the latest perfume they shopped and the last trendy club they've gone to the previous night meanwhile grumbling about the failed tryst with the prospective ONS (one-night stand).

There's a sassy lawyer blog that I particularly liked so much, she makes me proud to be filipino. I'm not big with words like her, but in my best effort, I can say she's a classic and deserves my approbation. Another blogspot I walked into was that of a twenty-something woman who seems to be in a endless quandary with her partner. Notwithstanding her pathetic lovelife, I find her funny, intelligent--that endless supply of wit, humor, and insight all crammed into that elegant, if not overrated, brain of hers. She surprises me no end...

The downside of nosing too much into other's lives however makes me lose focus on my personal circumstances. Honestly, there are simply too many stories I'd like to recall of from my childhood, and even the recent past, try to reconstruct them in my mind, and attempt my darned best to put them into writing. But these other delectables on the blogosphere are presently too sweet to ignore.

I resolve therefore to not google Pinoy blogs from hereon....

Or next week wouldn't hurt.

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