Wednesday, February 16

Grateful Project No. 5

In professing my love for reading, it comes without saying that I am also a rabid fan of books that come at a bargain price. Of course, I buy books legitimately, and mind, they do not come cheap, so I mull over more practical options. But even if I am not reprobate enough to subscribe to any form of piracy, I must admit that I have requested e-books once in while from the Burgomeister. It's not really something clandestine, or to be guilty of. As long as the download is free and legal, I think it's fine to have it. I'll even be the first taker. However, I've noticed that reading e-books easily strains my eyes. I try to avoid the monitor screen if  I could, given that majority of my day job requires me to sit like a zombie in front of the computer eight hours,  five days a week. There's something about holding a physical book, turning the pages over, and smelling an old print that not only satiates the senses, but lulls them as well. I often find myself knocked off to sleep in the middle of reading, but that's why they call it a form of leisure. I am old school like that, and unless by some freak of nature I get to own a Kindle someday, I am rather happy owning and reading second hand books for now. Which brings me to say, it's a godsend indeed that something like Booksale exists in my part of the world. Booksale is a small franchise store found practically in all malls in Manila, where you will discover a  menagerie of old and contemporary books on topics that range from a to z. It's like a comfort nook which I never fail to check out whenever boredom strikes. There's always something of serendipity that you can find, and once you do, the happy feeling of triumph, of unearthing a gem, becomes priceless. It seems, however, that the people in Booksale do not really have a clear guideline of how to evaluate books. They make standard prices for paperbacks and hardbound, regardless if they are good or crappy. Case in point, I got a Willa Cather novel for five pesos (very small fraction of a dollar), and nota bene, in mint condition. I was once tempted to say aloud, Unbelievable! don't you people know this price is too laughable for such a treasure find? Of course, that's why their tagline says "We Make Reading Affordable". I should learn to hold my tongue at times.I have gradually since stacked my shelves with purchases from Book Sale, but that's only because I truly want to read them, and not for anything else. So there, another grateful day!

a classic for five bucks!
magazines do come handy for my kids' school projects.

how do i love thee?
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