Monday, February 7

Grateful Project No. 4

In my alternate universe, I see myself donning elegant things like a Patek Philippe, a bespoke Chopard, or a Rolex oyster on my arm--- but in reality I am just someone striving to keep my grand delusions to myself, and at a minimum. I have passed by  watch republic many many times, and eternally gloated on that tiny titanium skagen dress watch made of the most unique copper color. It’s not an overly ambitious choice; it sells at a moderate price in fact. But I am always bitterly reminded that, in my state of things, I can ill-afford it.

I do not have expensive jewelleries. What I have are baubles and a few watches, and it’s fine by me. But you see, watches are my thing. Really! I feel that they are precious possessions that can last me longer than my lifetime, and are probably some of the more decent things I can bequeath to my daughter long after I’ve been gone. You know those stories about fathers passing on broken timepieces to their sons, and the subliminal connection to stuff like personal redemption? Well, hackneyed though that may sound, I now admit, I am such a sap for it. Is it accurate then to label me as closet optimist? Gah.

Some three years ago, I became a proud and grateful owner of a Swiss-made classic tank Classima Nuova from the company named Bernhard H. Mayer ,depuis 1871 (since 1871). My husband gave it to me as his 5th year service award from his company. He could have chosen a men’s watch for himself, but he did not. It's probably manifest of how deeply I should be humbled by gestures like this. Sometimes, I dismally fail in the appreciation department. My watch has an uncomplicated face design, covered modestly in a domed sapphire crystal.  It's presently in a white faux leather strap, but I will put back the original black croc strap when I’ve finally become bored of the other one. 

This is the closest thing that I’ve come to owning something Swiss-made, but it's not even like devouring a thousand sinfully delicious Lindt chocolates. It's a beautiful, simple, but elegant watch nevertheless. And it hits its mark right on me. It's for me a symbol of giving, of trust, of kindness, of a big heart. And I intend to leave these very same values to my children.

I may have said this rather plentifully, three years ago, but THANK YOU again, my dear!      
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