Sunday, November 25

My son has been going to Catechism class for three straight Saturdays now. As always, I am tasked to do the chaperoning. He has been insisting to go to the church alone, but tough luck. We just can't risk that yet. His classes run to about 3-4 hours. So, I figured that I could use the opportunity to photograph Sophia at the Sunken Garden since it is near the church and three hours is lot of time to walk around and take enough photos. But first of all, I had to figure out how to coax my daughter into a supposed photo session again. Luckily, I saw this party favor store near where we drop off Gab and bought a few balloons which I know would thrill Sophia. She's an impressionable kid really, not like my son who seems to scoff at everything nowadays, feeling that he's beyond "silly kid stuff". And this is how the balloons won her over and how they were put to good use.

Shot with Canon 350D, Canon 18-55 3.5 lens, Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

...and a photo of me by sophia ;D

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