Tuesday, October 9


Last March, we hopped on a bus from the south, to the heart of Manila, where some historic landmarks can be found. Intramuros is a name for a walled city built and fortified to protect the Spanish conquistadores from invaders, and the remnants of it can still be enjoyed and accessed by the public easily. My children, being their usual curious and wanderlusting selves, really took in all the new old things that were visually introduced to them along the way. I wish however that something can be done with the way these important places are presented to the public, and especially to the visiting tourists, that one can leave with absolute appreciation and can say to himself "wow, I've been there!". How so, I'm sure we have plenty enough creative local juices and resources to do the job just right. Here are some of the images I took of the place, and the tourist-y poses of me, my husband and kids.

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