Tuesday, August 24


So, since it is common knowledge that I lack the ability of following through anything thoroughly, I will try to write in random here in my blog--stay long enough to warm the place, but not that long to contrive another senseless entry, just for the sake of. 

Over the few months that I was away, life again happened. Some in a good way, as I see my children on the grind and enjoying school, I have finished the last Harry Potter book, yay!; after which I felt a frenzy for reading again, so it seems I had been in good company of Willa Cather, Isabel Allende---from which thought I derive much pleasure-----and some which happened in not such a good way, namely that I had been ill and was having episodes of stabbing pains that I was clueless about until an ultrasound told me that stones had been making a sanctuary of my gall bladder. 

The surgery went fine, but the psychological pain was something I would not venture to talk about right this moment. Suffice it to say that I am gall-free today, but a slight amount of fat in what I eat would render my insides a wreck. The migraines are still there, but they are not as often anymore. This was a fair amount of warning for me not to take my health for granted, so I am right into that.
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