Tuesday, May 12

This blog is my catch-22, only because I am such a bipolar kind of blogger. That means I am always stuck in a writing dilemma---either I have too much to talk about, or absolutely nothing to talk about. Either way, I get frustrated. So do the handful of people who stumble here. As they say about rolling stones....well, they gather no moss. Sounds like me. I am going to attempt another style—talk about my life at random, by way of bullet points. Maybe I’ll achieve some sort of cohesion with my thoughts if I try to go small, pigeonhole events or ideas in my head, mainly to avoid the spate of emotions that comes with suddenly being able to uncork that sort of mental block I had thought would never ever let loose. My challenge now is to sustain my middle ground and stay on an even keel:

. I am still frustrated that I am not able to buy my nifty glass. But I am debating whether to wait for a bit more and get the 1.4 which would render me 15k pesos poorer, not that I have that amount to dispose already. As it is, my photography is put on hold, except for random shots that I have little time to go over and process. I think that I put too much pressure on myself  to come up with better shots---but I am itching, itching to know how crucial a change my prime glass could bring to my photography. I have made up my mind to stick to portraiture.

. Google sounds like ogle---and that’s what I do. Everyday of my working life, I try to find that window of opportunity to read up on different things that can help me understand better. Books, music, news, opinions, photography, cooking, shopping, sewing---very motherly things if I may say so. But also, I lurk in gossip and fashion blogs, you tube, kid channels, and (probably the only sports I read up on)….boxing. Needless to say, it’s all about Manny Pacquiao.

 . Random facts about my kids, besides physically growing at an exponential rate:


Favorite TV shows: Phinneas and Ferb, Chowder, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Clone Wars, How Stuff Works, Myth Busters, Smash Lab

Food fix of the moment: kfc famous bowl; fried sharksfin and green rice

Favorite wear: old tattered shirts and board shorts

Current catchphrase: oh boy!, hindi kaya?

Peeves: his sister, the humid weather, pop music

On his wishlist: a ginormous LEGO hovercraft, which costs shitload of pesos 



Favorite TV shows: Spongebob, Animal Mechanicals, Dibo, Word World

Food fix: chocolate pretzels

Favorite wear: dresses and a faux tiara; also my black office pumps

Current catchphrase: Barbie girls!

Peeves: her thin feathery hair, her things out of place (some daughter I have!)

On her wishlist: Ariel’s thingamabobs, a pink bike or scooter

 . I spent the few remaining weeks of April reading the four Twilight saga books. I saw the movie, and read the books again, and again (make that the third time) including the leaked copy of Midnight Sun. I must admit now that I am hooked on all the twilight gossip, and am short of saying that I am bowled over with the british hunk Robert Pattinson. Well, big deal. He is not after all my first brit obsession, taking into consideration the major crushes I’ve had for years running for these dudes--Hugh Grant, Colin Firth,  Jude Law….and shucks, even Clive Owen. And, just to illustrate my little point, not that anyone has to contend with it:

See what I mean???

Is Edward Norton british, by the way? 

But, well it doesn't matter, I am sure he is the one exception..... 

I had wanted to write something about Gratitude but...go small remember? I mean, let's just say I just unexpectedly had gone off-tangent... because. 

So, I’ll save that up for next time.

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