Tuesday, January 9

To My Little Gabriel,

On your fourth birthday, I wish that I will always remain close to your heart, that I am the first person you run to when you are down and need cheering up. I love that you have grown to be a beautiful child, inside and out. You are at a phase of your life that you often misunderstand, and are sometimes misunderstood. But as your mommy, I know deep inside who you are and what you need. I love that when we have our little quarrels, you are the first one to hug me and say sorry, although I hope you know that my guilt cannot compensate for your forgiving way. Sometimes, I just look at you, and remind myself how you were such a little creature enclosed in my arms, fragile and undemanding. To me you are still such, but I know you’re getting stronger and more sure of yourself. I wish that life will be good to you.



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